How to use your IRA or 401K to invest in real-estate

Course Goals

    • Set up a self directed IRA or 401K to invest in real estate 
    • What are the rules to keep the plan in good standing with the IRS?
    • how do you hold real estate in your IRA?
    • What are the distribution rules when you get to retirement age?

How Economic Forces Impact Real-estate and Private Lending. 

Course Goals
    • Cut through the talking heads on TV and understand what is really going on in the financial markets
    • Win debates with your friends and answer why some markets are in a bubble
    • Understand Inflation, Deflation and their effects
    • Rule number one is don’t lose money in real estate but the big question is how?
    • Learn how to figure out which markets have high risk and which have less
    • Understand what drives risk in real-estate investments
    • Calculate market risk for your real-estate related investments
    • Minimize your downside