Making the decision to sell can be confusing and emotional, yet at the same time a celebration.  When you purchased the property you most likely defined an exit strategy.  Possibly things changed.  Usually there is an impetus to drive you to want to sell your rental property.  Upgrading to new properties, paying for college, dissolving or changing partnerships, passing property down to your kids, or needing money for retirement are the most common reasons to sell and liquidate the asset.  Your individual reasons may be different, but what all these reasons have in common is you will potentially be losing monthly cash flow and you will be receiving a lump sum of cash.* (Assumes property is profitable, assumes you will not be executing a 1031 Exchange).

Take the time to get educated and learn the questions to ask and how to think outside the box to successfully move you through this tough decision making process.

Education Topics We Cover Include

  • Review of Multiple exit strategies – selling isn’t the only answer
  • Pros/Cons of selling
  • Priority alignment – weighing the options
  • How to best market your property
  • 1031 Exchange options