We know how important your property investment is so keeping it in top shape and making those needed repairs or capital investments is key to appreciation and extracting the highest rents possible. Our experts want you to have the needed information to accomplish a successful project.  We share the same goal to keep costs down, minimize risks, complete projects on time and within budget.

Areas we mentor on include

  • Type of capital projects to undertake that provide the biggest ROI
  • Inspections and scoping repairs
  • Timing of maintenance versus repairs versus replace
  • Working with contractors – finding reliable contractors, contract negotiations, ongoing communications, change orders, and final approval
  • Tax overview information such as depreciation and 1099 submittal – (must work with your own accountant)
  • Analyzing/Minimizing holding costs
  • Zoning, permitting, City Codes
  • Overall planning and risk mitigation
  • Rehabbing HUD, government owned property
  • Using creative financing to pay for repairs/capital improvements

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