How to use your IRA or 401K to invest in real-estate

Set up a self directed IRA or 401K to invest in real estate

    • What are the rules to keep the plan in good standing with the IRS?
    • how do you hold real estate in your IRA?
    • What are┬áthe distribution rules when you get to retirement age?

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If you are tired of trusting wall street with all of your retirement savings, come and learn about some alternative strategies to invest outside of the stock market with your retirement funds. The instructors have over 20 years of combined experience in alternative investing and want to help others take advantage of some of the opportunities available that wall street doesn’t want you to know about. With our inside knowledge of the industry we want to help you implement a retirement account outside of the stock market the right way. This will allow you to invest in hard assets like real estate as opposed to paper assets that can be gamed by the financial system.