How Economic Forces Impact Real-estate and Private Lending.

This session is designed to help you understand the bigger picture of our economy and uncover the forces that really drive real estate cycles.  Looking beyond what the mass media dribble and uncovering the tools and techniques so you can make your own assessment.  So you can determine what’s right for you in a particular market or scenario.  Everyone’s portfolio and goals are different; a one size fits all summary of the market isn’t good enough – investors need to be able to assess the entire US real estate market outlining the various stages of risk, profitability, and trends to make their own choices.  It’s time to educate yourself so you can take control of making your own decisions.  Join me as I share with you clues to help leap frog your journey.

Course Goals
    • Cut through the talking heads on TV and understand what is really going on in the financial markets
    • Win debates with your friends and answer why some markets are in a bubble
    • Understand Inflation, Deflation and their effects
    • Rule number one is don’t lose money in real estate but the big question is how?
    • Learn how to figure out which markets have high risk and which have less
    • Understand what drives risk in real-estate investments
    • Calculate market risk for your real-estate related investments
    • Minimize your downside

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