Top 10 Books to expand your financial acumen.

A Lot of people ask me for my top 10 Books on Investing so I have listed a few below.


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Richest Man In Babylon by George C Clason

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor  by Garry Keller 

The Wealthy Code &  The Bankers Code by George Antone

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow rich 

The Millionaire Next Door Thomas Stanley

Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

The Black Swan By Nassim Talib

The Demographic Cliff: Harry S Dent

The Death of Money by James Rickards


2 Books on Life everyone should also read

The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

The Success Principals by Jack Canfield



After living in 3 countries and experiencing different financial systems, I found myself questioning things that a lot of people took for granted. My uncle, who was an international currency trader in London, reinforced this by sharing stories of how a few individuals where able to change the forces of governments-take them on and win. In the process I became an unintentional economist. Thus, I have an alternative view of financial forces and headwinds that affect people’s lives such as the power of debt for good and bad, the true risks associated with different types of investing, and how different people hack the system. To do well today most people need to overcome the financial headwinds they are burdened with. By applying this knowledge it has allowed me to gain time back in my life to spend it on things that create meaning not just the daily grind of trading time for money. I have a great desire to share what I have learned along the way, mentoring others and helping them find their path and devising creative ways to capitalize on various market and economic events. Nowadays, having fun, presenting at conferences on economics and other financial topics, and building a coalition of the willing to take on the world, is my passion; I hope you can join me on this journey.

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3 comments on “Top 10 Books to expand your financial acumen.
  1. philix says:

    wonderful web site.

  2. Sonja Reichenberg says:

    I just finished reading, “The Death of Money” by James Rickards that was recommended on your top 10 books to read list. I would have to agree. A great book that gives you a global look at money and politics. I wouldn’t say it’s the most uplifting book around but it does open your eyes.

    Thanks for the recommendation Paul!

  3. I am a Financial Writer and so because of that I always love to keep up to date on some of the new financial books (though I generally follow most books on Audio Books). Thank you for the list of recommended reading and I must say, I am very interested in gaining a perspective of finance from the worldwide view. Although I have traveled internationally, understanding finance in many countries would likely be a big eye opener for me and I hope to become more familiar as I travel internationally much more in the future. Thank you for the wonderful list!

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