Athletes, CEO’s, top professionals in an industry know the value of mentor and coach. My Green Capital staff are experienced in the entire real estate lifecycle.  We mentor new investors as well as those who have years of experience.  It doesn’t matter if you are an owner, buyer, seller, or property manager as you move through the buying, managing and selling stages of property ownership it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help you think of things you may not have.  The devil is in the details!

We have found that the most important stage is one not often discussed – the Preparing Stage. People tend to get stuck in this stage for a long time for many reasons.  The Preparing stage is the first phase – it’s about getting started.    Taking Action.  It’s hard and we’ve seen many people spend years circling.  We’ve heard hundreds of excuses – they all begin to sound familiar.  Yes, it’s tough.  But if investing was easy more people would be doing it.  It takes effort.  All good things take effort.  You won’t get rich quick.  You need to be ready to be in this for the long haul.

Start with the Preparation Stage – This is the “FREEDOM STAGE”. It’s the stage that you have to fully embrace, iterate on, and believe in.  The Preparing Stage will get you the freedom you desire.  The Preparing Stage drives the actions and mindset that help you survive the ups and downs and push through the challenges.  The Preparing Stage is where we have found that people need the most help and where we spend quite a bit of time with our clients.

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