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Top 10 websites to become an informed investor.

If you want to know what the traditional media is saying If you want to know what Wall Street insiders are saying go to If you want commentary from knowledgeable and sometimes misguided stock geeks go here

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The Economics of Time & Money

Why do we feel like we never have enough time to do the things we want to do? Mostly it’s because we spend too much time trading time for money. If you had the ability to live off your own resources

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The Fed and the phony numbers casino

There was a lot of discussion about the Fed raising rates in the press over the last few weeks and now it has finally happened. Many people are wondering why they have raised rates when the rest of the world

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How to preserve wealth in financially unstable times.

When stock markets crash and the news headlines are full of doom and gloom, most of Wall Street talks about dollar cost averaging. i.e. if you continue to buy, you will buy at a cheaper and cheaper price, improving your

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The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Know your number (Track your income and expenses) Reduce personal debt Get your emergency fund in place Feed your mind – Read and get educated & build your team Build your freedom fund Develop your passive income stream & build

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Walking the 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

The path to financial freedom is not a very complicated process to understand however knowing what to do and applying it to your own life are two very different things. (Live off 70% of your income and invest the rest)

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Top 10 Books to expand your financial acumen.

A Lot of people ask me for my top 10 Books on Investing so I have listed a few below. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki The Richest Man In Babylon by George C Clason The Millionaire Real Estate

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If Wall Street steals 60% of your retirement, The government Takes 35% of your salary how do you become financially free?

Traditional investment advice states take some of your money and invest it in the stock market in a properly diversified portfolio and you will be able to retire. However today more and more Americans are struggling with this  approach as

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What is financial freedom & and why do very few people become free?

Financial freedom is simply the ability to have a choice in your life, about how you live and what you do, without having to be dependent on a specific Job or the way your boss or the company you work

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The 3 headwinds of Financial Freedom

Are You Better off than you were 4 years ago? If you don’t understand the game of money it is very hard to get ahead in life it is not surprising that 80% of people feel like they won’t have

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