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The Great China Bubble: If It Bursts What Happens To The US?

There is a strange global phenomenon related to economic bubbles. When excess is at its peak someone always wants to build the tallest building in the world. In the US the first and most dramatic case was when in 1929,

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How to preserve wealth in financially unstable times.

When stock markets crash and the news headlines are full of doom and gloom, most of Wall Street talks about dollar cost averaging. i.e. if you continue to buy, you will buy at a cheaper and cheaper price, improving your

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Are we heading for another financial shock Part 2? Is risk really lower?

There was a lot of talk about reducing risk, and preventing another financial shock after 2008, however most of the reforms didn’t address what really caused the crisis – debt and the access to easy money. When people, companies and

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Are we heading for another major financial shock?

The 80 year debt cycle? I hear a lot of people talk about things feel different than they used to since the 2008 financial crisis. The key reason is we have moved from autumn to winter economic season. From 1950

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