The idea of sharing is big right now – whether you are sharing your car, your home, or experiences together – this is the era of SHARING.  It’s exciting!  People around the world are taking advantage of the downtime of their rooms, basements, and vacation homes.  There are many companies in the world who offer the opportunity to rent out your space.  Airbnb, VRBO, Tripz, HomeAway are just a few.  Running an Airbnb can be tricky.  It can be time consuming.  AND it can be super rewarding!  Plus you get the opportunity to meet awesome people!

The fastest growing segment in Airbnb right now is the 60+ market who are realizing they can make tens of thousands of dollars a year renting out the extra room in their house.

Call us today to help you get started!  Coming soon – an online class of SuperHost tips and tricks.

Consulting Services We Offer Include

  • Getting started (photos, listing, amenities)
  • Risk Mitigation (insurance, city codes)
  • Converting a traditional rental to an Airbnb
  • Optimizing daily operations
  • Attracting the best guests
  • Elevating it to the next level
  • Maintaining SuperHost Status