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With over 20 years of global experience and connections, as an executive in a Fortune 50 technology company, I have worked to make many innovative ideas become real and turned them into successful global businesses. This experience has given me a practical view of economics & finance from a real world perspective and the hidden forces of the money machine that drives the real world.

After living in 3 countries and experiencing different financial systems, I found myself questioning things that a lot of people took for granted.  My uncle, who was an international currency trader in London, reinforced this by sharing stories of how a few individuals where able to change the forces of governments-take them on and win.  In the process I became an “Unintentional Economist”.  Thus, I have an alternative view of financial forces and headwinds that affect people’s lives such as the power of debt for good and bad, the true risks associated with different types of investing, and how different people hack the system. To do well today most people need to overcome the financial headwinds they are burdened with.

Bio picBy applying this knowledge it has allowed me to gain time back in my life to spend it on things that create meaning, not just the daily grind of trading time for money. In so doing I my knowledge helped me escaped from the corporate world that I used to work in.

A wise mentor of mine once told me that it is far better to build several small companies with independent revenue streams than to build 1 big company.

How hard is it to come up with multiple businesses that generate $10K/mo?

Thinking in a different way in today’s world is essential if you want to get time back in your life. Don’t become be one of those people who complain all the time about never being able to do the things they enjoy. Once I began running my life as a business it took my wife and I 5 years for both of us to leave the corporate world.

Today we have several companies in different domains

  • Real-estate Investments
  • Digital Marketing & Management Consulting
  • Other financial System hacks

I am also on the Advisory Board of 3 technology startups.

We are living a much richer happier life, and I have a great desire to share what I have learned along the way, mentoring others and helping them find their path and devising creative ways to capitalize on various market and economic events. Nowadays I have fun presenting at conferences on economics and other financial topics, and building a coalition of the willing to take on the world, is my passion I hope you can join me on this journey.

Sharon Cunnington is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, guest lecturer, and inventor.  Her passion for helping others succeed is evident in where she focuses her time.   Sharon runs a national real estate investment firm helping individuals and families grow their investment portfolio and secure affordable housing.  Many of her clients have gone on to purchase their own income producing property enabling them to begin their journey out of the rat race. Sharon also co-founded a digital advertising agency which accelerates the growth of mid-size companies who sell products on the Amazon platform.  As a technology industry veteran with 25 years experience leading large scale worldwide teams for a Fortune 50 company, she has taken her proficiency of running distributed multinational businesses and applied it to real estate.  Outside of real estate, application areas of her research and patents include the integration of emotions and communication using technology in everyday life.  Sharon has held several Board positions and is currently an Executive Board Member of the Rental Housing Association of Washington and CERT certified.  Traveling the world with her family and learning about new cultures, creating life experiences with others, is what keeps her motivated.

It was through intensive education including many hours of reading and researching coupled with years of taking action on those learnings that Sharon was able to leave corporate America and become financially independent. With this independence she traveled Europe for 6 months with her family creating a lifetime of memories.  Today she is mentoring others to help them achieve their independence and gain control of their time – enabling them to experience true freedom.



DISCLAIMER: Information in this Blog represents the opinion of the individual author(s). All statements are represented as opinions, rather than facts, and should not be construed as advice to buy or sell a security. MyGreenCapital.com is not a registered real estate broker, nor are the authors financial investment advisers or planners.  Any opinions expressed herein is not intended to be construed as investment, tax, or legal advice.  Any person considering any investment including the purchase of real estate should consult their own accountants, financial advisers, tax planners, attorneys, and real estate agents prior. We do not offer any financial planning or retirement planning.  Nor do we endorse any particular asset class, investment vehicle, or suggestions to work with any particular company.  The author does not know your particular objectives for returns or constraints upon investing. All investors are encouraged to do their own research before making any investment decision. Any person should verify all information as investing carries inherent risk where an individual could lose all or part of their investment.Past performance or historical references are not constituting a binding or true forecast to future performance.  Information is regularly obtained from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, SEC Database and other internet sources. If Yahoo, Google, or the SEC database contained faulty or old information it could be incorporated into my analysis.  We are not liable for any inaccurate information.

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  1. Brian Shibayama says:

    Great talk at the RHA Economic Forecast Breakfast the other day. You mentioned that you could email some of that material you went over. I wasn’t able to catch up with you afterwards but I would like to have those items sent to me.

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